Xiriir!Nala soo xiriir. Fikirkaaga waa muhiim.

Hir-Shabelle President dismisses regional governor Yusuf Dabageed

The Hir-Shabelle Regional State president, Ali Osoble, fired governor of the Hiran Region, Yusuf Ahmed Hagar (a.k.a Dabadeed), and nominated former MP Jeyte Ali Osman to temporarily resume the governor post.

Meanwhile, the president appointed a committee to work out the security and safety of Hiran region, which consists of all military officers and they are:

Col. Omar Aden track.
Col. spokesman Mahmud.
Col. Ishaq Ali Abdulle.
Col. Ishaq Osman Idris.
Col. Ahmed Abdi started.
Col. Ali Abdi Mahadale.
Captain Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim.

The appointment of the committee comes a day after a suicide attack at an army camp in the town of Beledweyne targeted at Djibouti Force’s base.

Alshabab and Somalia’s Federal Government with the help of AMISOM AU forces are engaged in an active war. Recently, Ethiopian Forces, as part of the AMISOM Forces in the Hiran Region, pulled out back into the Ethiopian border. Sources told Arrimaha.com the abrupt Ethiopian withdrawal came after the recent political unrests in Ethiopia.


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