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Presidential candidate Farole calls on Somalia’s President to hand over power

Farole running for the Somalia 2016 presidency
Farole running for the Somalia 2016 presidency

Garowe, Puntland – Former Puntland President and Somalia Presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Farole on Saturday, has called President of Somalia to step down from office as his term expired on 10 September, Garowe online reports.

In a press conference held at his residence in Garowe, the regional capital of Puntland state, Farole lamented the constitutional crisis Somalia is facing as a new President of Somalia was not elected in 10 September according to the country’s constitution.

“I call President Hasan Shaikh Mahmoud to immediately hand over power to the Parliament leadership, his term has expired today. He is no longer the President, the Parliament leadership should assume power until new President is sworn in,” said Farole.

Farole described President Mahmoud four year term as a failure, for not upholding to the constitution, empowering government institutions and completing the country’s federal process.

“In 9 August, the National Leadership Forum (NLF) unlawfully extended the term of the executive power disregarding the Legislative body and the country’s constitutional process. The NLF had no authority to amend constitution except drawing an inclusive roadmap for the electoral process of the upcoming election, “added Farole.

The Presidential candidate has commended the press statement by leaders of the opposition parties and presidential candidates – Coalition for Change – in the capital Mogadishu, on Friday urging President Hasan Shaikh Mahmoud to step down from office.

“As election timeline approaches the NLF has failed again to move forward the electoral process for Parliamentary and Presidential elections. They have already delayed the election once, we will not accept another term extension or overcome the country’s constitution,” said Farole.

He also described the NLF decision to increase the Upper House’s members as a violation to the constitution. Somali’s Provisional Federal Constitution (PFC), states that the Upper House of Federal Parliament comprises of 54 members and distributed evenly to all 18 provinces or to the Federal Member States, he said.

During the press conference Farole has slammed Federal government for hosting IGAD summit, which had a damaging impact on the livelihood of residents in the capital Mogadishu. He called Somali government to have arranged the summit in a safer city, which had allowed residents to celebrate the upcoming Eid festivals.

The Presidential aspirant also has called the International community to stand neutral, effective and have responsible role in dealing with Somalia’s affairs.

The press conference comes amid growing opposition against President Mahmoud term extension. Federal government and parliament’s term ended in August and September respectively and new lawmakers and President are due to be chosen in the same month.


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